When the astronaut goes into the computer and takes out the memory modules, the body of the computer is brought into view.

In short, news and communications channels ought to be established as part of the astronauts’ environment, not as last-minute add-ons.

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The space community, whether short term or longer term, is a bounded behavioural system and the implications for astronauts are immense.

The last astronaut in the spaceship goes into the computer and shuts it down by taking out the memory modules.

She picks up a male in an astronaut uniform from the sidewalk and drives away.

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That so few astronauts have been women is highly significant to the character of future communities in space.

At that time samples of rock and soil were collected by the mission’s astronauts.

Anxiety detection task individually with the robot being responsive to the astronaut’s affective states (for instance stress, panic or fatigue).

Such an automated remote sensing system would greatly reduce astronaut time required for monitoring crop productivity.

Skepticism and distant toleration of female astronauts only gradually turned into acceptance by male colleagues.

First, in order to engage the child in the procedure, the experimenter told the child to pretend that s/he was an astronaut flying through an asteroid field.

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The first is the re-usable “shuttle” launcher to ferry payloads, including personnel without astronaut training, between earth and low-earth orbit.

This happens in a year when astronauts some 200,000 miles out can be heard all over the world on television.

It is not only astronauts who see the world as a single entity.

A few years ago, people would have scoffed at the suggestion of a female astronaut, let alone females in every profession.

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