There are also three words which people give me all the time which they are convinced are local vernacular: bamboozle, kafuffle and discombobulate.

Instead, our people have been bamboozled into believing that a mirage is nearer, more attainable and more desirable.

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Is there not a serious danger of the public being bamboozled?

It is not fair to bamboozle the public in such a way.

Any number of us have knowledge of how inspectors can be bamboozled.

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I hope that he will not try just to bamboozle us with the usual speech he reads about the number of sq.

They got back to power by bamboozling the people about their real intentions.

The working classes have become educated, and they are not so easily bamboozled.

The investor has not been pressurised or bamboozled into the investment.

Comfortable gentlemen with a power of public speech could bamboozle the farmers.

But we really must not be bamboozled any more.

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I hesitate to use the word “bamboozle” but some of the explanations come close to the use of that word.

I do not think they will be bamboozled from fear or anything else into weakening our military strength.

This is a technique which often bamboozles people.

The public have been confused, bamboozled and cheated by so-called advisers whose main interest was earning fat commissions rather than selling good-value products.

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