In these studies, cartoons and humorous birthday cards of older individuals were analysed for their psychological responses.

He is thinking with and through his visual and material sources – paintings, prints, statues, magazines, cartoons, drawings, buildings, photographs, and diagrams.

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Cheap one-page ballads, handbills and cartoons met the demands of the poorer end of the market.

Music programmes and animal films as well as sports coverage and children’s cartoons were now consciously used as instruments of political change.

The detailed discussions and descriptions in all the chapters are enlivened with photographs, diagrams, charts and, especially, cartoons.

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The selection was exhaustive and covered even the cartoons.

Ideas were often vague or contradictory, because cartoons served as conceptual testing grounds.

However, in the majority of cartoons analysed, older individuals were neither praised nor slighted, but rather were portrayed in neutral roles.

He played the instrument as he practised science, as he drew cartoons, as he played football: effortless and with great enthusiasm.

After viewing both stories, the participants described what they had seen to a listener who pretended to be unfamiliar with the cartoons.

I wanted to make the trees like flat paper cut-out cartoons.

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The cartoons serve as a transitional object helping us toward a difficult truth – though not as innocent an object as it used to be.

Each section provides an alphabetical list of phrases with cartoons, examples, and background information to illustrate their use.

Propagandistic cartoons addressed the unwillingness of urbanites to do the nation’s work on farms.

Getting the picture … and the joke: the pictorial and the verbal in business cartoons.

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