Because the cat has large receptive fields, these residual movements will seldom be consequential for visual physiology.

Transmission at the retino-geniculate synapse in cats is influenced by the structure of pre- and postsynaptic spike trains.

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The three cats were trained on two visual detection and orienting tasks that employed moved and static stimuli, and a landmark task.

Both cats were trained on one experimental and two control tasks.

However, cats never hesitated to approach the fixation target when the peripheral target was in the affected region of the hemifield.

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More than likely, the human child and the cat have come upon similar behavioral solutions to different problems.

Oscillations of the spontaneous slow wave sleep rhythm in lateral geniculate nucleus relay neurons of behaving cats.

Selective depletion of beta cells affects the development of alpha cells in cat retina.

Monocular activation of visual cortex in normal and monocularly deprived cats: an analysis of evoked potentials.

Organization of visual pathways in normal and visually deprived cats.

Furthermore, the large body size of females considerably reduces their potential predators and practically only feral cats and raptors can access them.

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As mentioned earlier, the role of dogs and cats in exposure of humans in regions of sylvatic transmission is not completely understood.

A cat walks by and wakes up the tiger.

The cats were therefore classified as nonamblyopic convergent squinters.

We have therefore investigated the functional organization of area 17 in adult cats with a surgically induced convergent squint angle.

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