At a particular “real” moment, will doctor, nurse, patient, and family agree to what had been planned when the topic was “theoretical”?

Second, physically speaking, patients are usually helped in any such transfer by a nurse, a doctor, or one of the patient’s relatives.

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One way of facilitating such changes was reported to be through the employment of salaried doctors.

Many doctors who worked in the relevant period must be available for questioning and hospital records have survived.

The role of a doctor is to help the patient at all times and remove the anxiety surrounding the condition.

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A doctor told him that this condition was caused by excess consumption of roasted and fried food.

She says that her knee hurt when she was young, and doctors told her parents and schoolteachers never to let her play sports.

There are also suggestions to integrate the fee-for-service payment system for hospital doctors with the hospital budget (cf., infra).

Since such an experiment must extend over a long period of time, there is also the problem of turnover of doctors and counsellors.

The faecal specimen was usually collected on the first visit to the doctor (median 1, range 1-6 visits).

The placebo effect is related to the patient’s and doctor’s expectations on treatment and to the quality of the patient-doctor relationship.

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Nurses and patients saw a difference between nurse practitioners and doctors which was mainly related to consultation style, accessibility and length of consultation.

To do otherwise is akin to doctoring a sick person on the basis of global health statistics.

It is clear that not even every doctor has this message firmly engraved on his mind.

Eleven percent had taken a tranquillizer, antidepressant or sleeping tablet, and all these compounds had been prescribed by a doctor.

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