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We collected 2681 fishes, representing 46 species and 10 families.

In five out of six fish, sensitivity recovered to normal.

In our studies, however, only a small increase in the number of macrophages in infected fish exposed to ammonia was noted.

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Fish were transferred serially such that eyes could be sampled after periods of 0, 2, 5, 10, and 20 days of exposure.

This practice is, perhaps, more critical in the preparation of fish served with bones in and skin on, than in the cooking of fillets.

Permanent lakes contain fish, which preferentially prey upon large individuals.

Fish were % starved 2 days prior and during the exposure period.

Prior to the experiment, fish were allowed to acclimatize for 2 months.

These factors include prices and production costs, crop yields, fish productivity and the suitability of land for agriculture or fish production.

Here, only fish 3 clearly preferred the test field with the moving stimulus and performed with 90% choice frequency.

Regrettably, they have long induced investors to finance more industrial fishing ships than the fish stocks could possibly sustain.

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In contrast to a real fish, such a swimming efficiency is not high due to large friction resistance between the oscillatory part and water.

The interactions between month and year and year and fish status (wild or stocked) were also non-significant.

Bars represent the average concentration (in dry weight) for groups of samples taken from fish at different time points after vaccination.

The results from both models indicate that demersal fish stocks are both biologically and economically overfished and subject to both biological and economic overfishing.

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